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People, Places and Things

April 11, 2019

A group show geared around individual responces to the show’s title theme by UK artists. Each artist selected a keyword from the title and created their own interpretation based on their chosen medium and style, resulting in an exciting array of art.


The show exhibited works from the following artists:
Qi An, Chantelle Awere, Amrina Badrudduza, Aysha Choudhury, Rebecca Daeva, Moses Kanneh, Tom McLean, Kirstie Mok, Friday Singh

Lost in Art with Moses Kanneh

January 31, 2018

Artist interview with The Salmon Youth Center in Bermondsey.

Moses Lost in Shortwave - Weekender

December 14, 2017

Artist interview with gallery owner Michael Holland of Shortwave Café in regards to the launch of my second solo exhibition Lost In Art

Group Show @ the Bermondsey Gallery

June 19, 2016

The Bermondsey Gallery is one of the newest galleries in Bermondsey, and I took part in one of their summer group shows.

The Bermondsey Gallery an independent gallery for contemporary art based in Bermondsey promoting emerging and established British and International artists.


May 06, 2013

My first solo exhibition hosted at the Salmon Youth Centre in Bermondsey. Focused and geared around the mind and its complexities, but also explores the mind as a place of battle.

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