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Lovers is a symbolic piece about my experience and relationship with art, you have the figure in the middle who represents me and the two arms that represents the arts.
The smoother looking arm on the left represents the pleasant side of being an artist, the dreams, the creativity, passion, excitement and the tender seductive embrace it has to warm the soul to create, the arm that gives strength and encouragement to persevere against all odds to see all the things I've worked hard to create in all their beauty and to get a glimpse of something more.
The uglier looking hand on the right represents the painful side of art, the things that cause pain and suffering, the different challenges and all sorts of negative experiences that hurt and grip me firmly, like that of a thorn in the side. This arm no matter how much I try I can never be rid of it as it works in harmony with the other - you cannot have one without the other, a sort of pleasure and pain concept we artists go through to bring forth our work.
In short its a piece that also represents love and sacrifice, with hope as the face of the figure looks heavenward.

  • Unframed
  • Available in various sizes
  • Watermarks will be removed from physical print
  • Printed on premium grade water colour paper (190 gsm)
  • Printed with archival pigment inks that lasts for more than 100 years
  • All prints come with a white border around the artwork for your framing purposes
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